Ways to reduce fever, relieve discomfort and get well quickly

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There are several ways to quickly reduce a fever, such as lowering your body temperature with a towel or shower. Including taking various fever-reducing medicines, which can help relieve fever quickly. Everyone should study how to reduce fever correctly. To be able to cope when oneself or someone close to has a fever appropriately and safely.

Although most symptoms of fever are not dangerous and can go away on their own within a few days, in some cases, a high fever may cause severe headaches, heat, discomfort, and lack of energy to the point of affecting your ability to function. Go about your daily life, especially in young children. If a fever is higher than 38 degrees Celsius, you should urgently find a way to reduce the fever. To help relieve discomfort.

Your body is hot, your fever is high. You want to lower your fever quickly so you don’t have to lie sick and torture your body like this. Anyone who is sick, has a high fever, or someone close to you is sick with a fever, let’s take a look at ทางเข้า ufabet how to reduce the fever to relieve the heat. And hurry to recover from the fever.

Use a cloth moistened with warm water to reduce fever: For symptoms of high fever, overheating, and chills. In this case, use warm water to wipe yourself. Try rubbing your body a little forcefully to help stimulate your pores to open more. This will help cool the body better as well. But for high fever symptoms without chills In this case, normal temperature water can be use to wipe the body. However, the patient should be wipe every 2-3 hours to help the fever go down faster.

Take fever-reducing medicine: If you wipe yourself, the symptoms still don’t improve. Take paracetamol every 4 hours and wipe yourself frequently. It will help the fever symptoms go down faster. But in cases where the fever really refuses to go down and there are still abnormal symptoms such as chills, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea, in this case the patient should be taken to see a doctor immediately, it will be safer.

Drink water throughout the day: When you have a fever, you should drink water or sip water throughout the day. To help maintain a cooler body temperature Helps add water to the body to replace water lost from sweating during a fever. And help reduce the risk of dehydration by choosing to drink plain water, fruit juice, and herbal tea without caffeine. or sports drinks for athletes as well

Additionally, you should avoid beverages that contain caffeine,  whether it be coffee, tea, soda, or energy drinks. Because it may result in more dehydration than before. and can make existing fever symptoms more severe

Get plenty of rest: If you’re sick, have a fever, have a headache, and are tired, you need to get plenty of rest. Don’t go out in the sun or be expose to the sun, because your fever will get even higher.